Nature-based Psychotherapy

What is nature-based therapy?

Nature-based therapy involves the therapeutic use of nature to improve mental, physical and emotional health. Based on the principle that humans are just as much a part of nature as any other living things, evidence shows that increased connection to the natural world can help to reduce stress and have a calming effect for those experiencing emotional and mental distress.

What is nature-based psychotherapy?

This uses traditional methods of psychotherapy within natural outdoor settings and includes going for walks (Walk & Talk therapy) and/or sitting outdoors with a counsellor qualified in this particular type of therapy. This creates opportunities for individuals to explore feelings related to any difficulties they may be experiencing within a natural outdoor environment.

How does being in nature support the counselling process?

Physiologically – Being in nature has a soothing effect on our senses and helps to relax the nervous system by releasing stress-relieving hormones

Mentally – Being outdoors in nature helps to improve concentration levels, memory and problem-solving skills

Physically – Going for a walk outdoors naturally increases activity levels which can help to release any mental and/or emotional tension in the muscles and joints

Emotionally – The calming effect of nature on our mind and body can help to create a space in which to access and explore feelings and emotions more readily in order to gain new insight and different perspectives on a situation.

Nature-based psychotherapy helps with?

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma-related conditions
  • Individuals who may experience challenges engaging in counselling sessions within an indoor environment

About the therapist

Julie has many years of experience in integrating nature-based activities within her practice, initially as an occupational therapist specialising in mental health and more recently as person-centred psychotherapist. In addition to using nature-based therapy within her clinical practice, Julie facilitates creative well-being workshops within the local community with the aim of using nature-based craft activities to support emotional expression. Julie is also regularly involved in the delivery of training programmes for activity providers within care settings to increase the number of opportunities for older people to engage in meaningful activities that connect them to nature to improve mental, physical and emotional well-being.

If you’d like to sign up for up for Nature-Based therapy, please call our reception team on 01275 810879 or email and they will arrange for you to have an initial assessment.