A former alcoholic who was addicted to alcohol for 30 years is spearheading an exciting new Mental Fitness programme.

Shaun Hill is now heading up Wellspring’s “Mental Fitness” programme which is held at the Campus in Worle, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset – not far from Jill Dando’s childhood home and school.

It is being attended by people from the #noexcuses running club which was set up by Sarah Flourentzou after she found out she had breast cancer in 2018.

The runners who are attending the course, usually meet for a run beforehand and then go and explore resilience, anxiety, loss, stress and other topics in Shaun’s sessions.

Shaun and Sarah are both qualified counsellors and both passionate about helping other people to be self-aware and to build positive thinking and communication into their lives.

Sarah is living with cancer and still undergoing treatment for it and firmly believes that there really are no excuses for not giving something a go if it improves your physical and mental fitness.

“I am thrilled that Wellspring have arranged for Shaun to deliver these sessions to my running group, it could literally be a lifesaver.”

Shaun tells the sporty group about his background and how he was at the top of his game as a footballer, cricketer and rugby player until a knee injury ended his career.

He lost his identity and turned to alcohol for 30 years and, isolated and estranged from his loved ones, it was only when someone eventually asked him how he was doing that he realised things needed to be different.

He says, “Things can change in an instant and we need to be mentally fit to cope with what life brings – this is what made me want others to stop and think about how their mental health is important and there are ways to take care of it, which we talk about here every week.”

Wellspring Counselling is a charity which has been based in Nailsea since 1994, providing low cost, professional 1:1 counselling across various venues in North Somerset including Worle.

People can self-refer for counselling on 01275810879 or check out the website for details of other courses and activities.

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